Everything's Fresh Here at Otto Waffle Atelier

Crispy Cacao
Taste this!
Oat waffle with cacao nibs / pomegranate / banana & honey cream
PS GO NUTS-063.jpg
Go Nuts
Oat waffle with blue berries, walnuts, goji berries, caramel and lemon gesture
OTTO ON THE GO-025.jpg
On the Go
Oat waffle with coconut sugar

OTTO Waffle Atelier

At Otto's Waffle Atelier we serve fresh, premium Bruges Oat Waffles. Not just waffles with toppings, but exciting home made creations with seasonal ingredients. Made with passion.


A food experience

Explore the foodie scene of Bruges. Tasting the city with mouthwatering deluxe oat waffles. A real journey of fine flavors. Enjoy surprising combinations. Perfectly in balance.
At Otto's Waffle Atelier, we give you a moment to relax and enjoy. A cosy escape or a tasteful pause.