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Our community

Otto Waffle Atelier breathes love for our customers and for Bruges. 

As a family business, we cherish our community!



"Yummy Belgium waffles menu! Delightful in the eye and my mouth. 

Apart from the set menu, you can create your own and have toppings to your taste. 


Place is so cosy in front of the canal."

- Anya I. 


"Life will forever be known as 'before Otto Waffle Atelier' and 'after Otto Waffle Atelier'.

They're insanely good.


We've tried a lot of waffles in Bruges and these are unlike any others."

- Anna D. 

"Eating is always a problem when one member of the family has various eating disorders.

What a joy, therefore, to discover a waffle shop that caters to all."

- Peter R. 


"The best in 6 waffle places we tried in Bruges. Beautifully shaped, 

light and the coconut sugar adds an exotic flavour."

- Eddy H. 


"Best waffle I've ever had. 

Super fresh and warm, slightly crunchy outside

and soft inside. 


Not loaded with sugar like most.

Highly recommended!"

- Charlotte V


"The best Belgian waffles I ever had.

We also met the chef Otto himself which was wonderful!"

- Carlos M

"Delicious homemade Bruges' waffle in typical Bruges' lace pattern.


Large choice of delicious, natural & local toppings.


Best waffle in town!"

- Mieke V


"All waffles are gluten and lactose free!!

Very good waffles and they make them in front of you.

Also quality ingredients.


The owner Otto was super nice and I would go again!"

- Susan V


"Best waffle ever!  Very delicious, gluten free, kind staff, very fast service and lovely ambiance.


  These waffles were melting in mouth. I'd definitely love to come back."

- Maria LC


"Great spot for yummy waffles right by the canal! 

We ordered them and then stood to eat at a window table next to the water. 


Perfect spot to enjoy a delicious waffle."

- Jake W

"Generic waffles abound in Bruges ... but not from here. 


These waffles are so delicious,

the ingredients tasting fresh,

the presentation filled with the promise of the delight that awaits.


Truly one of the best waffles."

- Miko


"Of the several places we tried Belgian waffles in Brugge, this was the best.


  Very tasty waffle with generous toppings of strawberries and ice cream, priced competitively. 


Great location, near canal and in the heart of tourist zone."

- Raintree T. 


"Light as a feather with fruity additions, friendly team, well designed space with fresh flowers and view of the canal. Yummy waffle with style!"

- Victoria S. 


"I had the Go Nuts waffle and I loved it. 


I was so happy to find lactose free delicious waffles.

They are also gluten free.  But they are divine for everyone."

- Vicki S. 

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