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At Otto Waffle Atelier we serve fresh, premium Bruges Oat Waffles. Not just waffles with toppings, but exciting home made creations with seasonal ingredients. Made with passion.

A food experience

Explore the foodie scene of Bruges. Tasting the city with mouthwatering deluxe oat waffles. A real journey of fine flavors. Enjoy surprising combinations. Perfectly in balance.
At Otto Waffle Atelier, we give you a moment to relax and enjoy. A cosy escape or a tasteful pause.



All you can oat!

All our waffles are made with oat.

Oats are designed to boost your energy level. They have a positive effect on your health. Our waffles are stomach friendly and contain a wide range of fibers, anti-oxidants, magnesium and vitamins.

We only use authentic quality ingredients. We offer healthy deluxe waffles that are good for you.

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